‘Cumulus Revolution at Play’ (Image: Jocelyn Low)

Working in my London studio I develop small collections and one off pieces using a mix of precious and non-precious materials. All of my work is created using traditional bench techniques - hand piercing my materials with a jewellers saw, soldering, riveting, forming, patinating, and finishing. I currently work with gold, oxidised silver, gold plate, brass, Lucite, vintage pearls and found objects as well as some wood, stones, resin and fresh water pearls.

You can buy my work online at: The Goldsmiths’ Centre, The Scottish Gallery, and on Lovedazzle.

This winter you can find me and my work at SHINE at the Goldsmiths’ Centre, Handmade in Highgate, the Future Icons pop up at The Goldsmiths’ Centre, Dazzle@Oxo at the Oxo Tower Gallery and at Cockpit Arts Holborn Studios Winter Open Studio. For full details of these events please see my CV page under ‘current and forthcoming exhibitions’.

To buy direct or to commission please email or call +44 (0)7824 826659.


Modern Rococo

A ramshackle crew of quirky shapes which pay homage to historical forms. With an overarching energy of Renaissance jewellery this collection takes inspiration from a wide range of visual sources from medieval architectural detailing and beautiful wooden finials to queen chess pieces.


Cumulus Revolution

This irreverent and playful collection is inspired by clouds and rain drops in all their glorious forms. Working in a core palette of oxidised silver, Lucite, and vintage pearls the collection draws decorative influences from Art Deco, Art Nouveau and The Rennaisance.


Cumulus Nimbus

Cumulus Nimbus is a sub-collection of the Cumulus Revolution Collection. This work is identifiable by its stronger, more billowing, ‘cumulus nimbus’ cloud shapes and the introduction of rose gold which sits well against the deep maroon tones of the Lucite.

One-Off Pieces

One-off pieces emerge out of my main practice and sit along side my collections. ‘Buckle Brooch’ is inspired by Georgian shoe buckles. It steals the sultry tones of oxidised silver and the rich colour from the Cumulus Revolution along with the stronger graphic lines and gold detailing from Modern Rococo.



I love to work on commissions that play to my design sensibilities. This pair of earrings is a response to shape of the antique Jade. I enjoy working with found, acquired, and sentimental objects to reimagine them in a contemporary way so that they can be worn and enjoyed now. Email me to start a conversation: